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Age: 6 years old
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

May 4, 2017 – Frankie went to the vet and aside from have a few lbs to lose, she is a healthy girl.  Frankie loves the outdoors and get along well with dogs and cats.  She’s a sweet girl who will make someone very happy.

May 2, 2017 – Frankie was sadly surrendered by her owner.  She’s a  beautiful and easy going girl.  Frankie is spayed and up to date in her vaccination.  Frankie has a mild ear infection that is actually being treated with medication.  Frankie is a bit overweight, we are slowly working on reduced food intake and more exercise.  Frankie gets along well with other dogs and cats.  Frankie will soo be available for adoption.

Sophie & Lucy

Age: 5 years old
Adoption Fees: $800 (for both)
Adoption Status:









May 22, 2017 – Sophie & Lucy are doing very well and enjoying life together.  They are soon going to their forever home.
May 11, 2017 – The girls continue to do very well.  They have each other for companionship when we are not home and they do sleep together most of the time. Lucy is very active and competitive for attention and Sophie is very cuddly and loves to be loved. We recently introduced them to a friend’s dog and the girls interacted well, were playful and friendly but, mostly played with each other. We saw Sophie play bow with Lucy but, Lucy wasn’t too interested in direct play, more exploring together.  Sophie & Lucy already know sit and stay commands and they are learning to shake a paw which Sophie has mastered and Lucy still working on it. They love to sleep on the big bed but, we only let them up in the morning a few hours before we get up.  They will be startled by outside noises or the door and start to bark. We find that if we play music while we are out it helps them to relax more and not notice any of the extra noises and start barking.

May 7, 2017 – Lucy & Sophie are doing very well.  They love to play together at times or by themselves.  They are very often sleeping together and love to go outside for walks.  Lucy and Sophie would make the perfect companions to a family with or without kids.  If you are interested in adopting these sweet sisters, please fill our online Adoption Application.

April 25, 2017 – Sophie & Lucy are doing very well.  Never had an accident while with us.  Longest we leave them is 6 hours right now and they are doing well. Both love the harness and know where we keep them so when we get them out of the closet they know it’s time for a walk. Lucy is getting much better at not barking when on a walk and if she does we are quick to give a pull on the lead and say “Lucy, Stop”.  When people want to say hello to Lucy and Sophie on the walk, both are very receptive and love to be loved by kids and adults alike. Sometimes barking at other dogs/cats/squirrels but, not always. Same quick pull on the lead and “Lucy Stop” works well. Sophie is not usually the first to bark outdoors but, she occasionally will follow Lucy. They get 3-4 walks per day. One long one about 30 minutes and the rest are 10-20 minutes around the block. Lucy is faster and pulls a bit while Sophie is getting better at keeping up to her but, at first there was a lot of a difference. Lucy was usually ahead. Both have healthy appetites.  Sometimes, they both leave a few kibbles in the dish. Sophie doesn’t bother with Lucy’s food. We take it off the floor when they are finished and will put it down again later in the day and they finish off the leftovers.  They both enjoy small apple pieces. They love their big bean bag bed with a blanket for naps and at night. They definitely want to be on the big bed…..They wake up at 6AM and start scratching at our bed and peaking over to see if we are awake. We can usually keep them happy with some pats but usually by 6:30 they are not letting us have any sleep until we get up and feed them or walk them. After they are walked and fed in the morning they go right to sleep. They both play solo with a stuffed animal and, occasionally a small tennis ball. They wrestle with each other and also play with a toy together. They will interact with us with the stuffed animal and even fetch the ball about 3 times and that’s it. Sophie & Lucy are a lot more confident and they play more since we are fostering them.  They both now want our attention & affection whereas in the beginning, it was just Sophie. Such as trying to get on our laps while at the computer.  Sophie is very clever to get around her antibiotic tablet but, we are on top of her.   We put it in her food and if she eats around it or spits it out we just put it in the back of her throat and wait until she swallows or make her lick her nose with something she likes. She knows our trick of trying to put it in a piece of cheese or apple and she will just eat around it and spit it out on the floor. Sophie is no longer coughing from her mild bronchitis and is doing very well. She will be finished her antibiotics on April 26. Sophie is slowly losing weight and we continue to work on that.  Both are barking when we arrive home. Our downstairs neighbour says they do bark when we aren’t home but, it’s not for a long time.  They are both cuddlers and love to be in the same room as you or on the couch with you. They love to be picked up and have their tummy rubbed on their backs. Sophie is more of the shadow and Lucy knows where to position herself if you are making food (wedges herself between you and the counter).

April 22, 2017 – Lucy (pink harness) and Sophie are doing well.  They were at the vet this week and Lucy was brought up to date in her vaccination while Sophie is being treated for a mild bronchitis.  She will be vaccinated as soon as she’s all recovered.  Both were microchipped.  These 2 girls are hilarious and are often seen cuddled together or playing with each other.  Sophie’s food intake has been reduced in order to allow her to lose weight to reach a healthier figure.  Stay tuned as this sweet pair will soon be available for adoption.

April 18, 2017 – Lucy & Sophie spent Easter weekend in another foster home while their foster mom was away and it was so nice having them around. Both pugs are very friendly and love to lick your face shortly after meeting you if you bend or sit down to play with them. They will also start to play and wrestle with each other but this only lasts for about five minutes. During the day, Sophie & Lucy spent a good chunk of their time sleeping either beside each other or apart but in the evenings they love to cuddle together with one another on their big pillow. Both pugs love to go for their walks but as Sophie is quite overweight, they walked about 15-20 minutes each time. Sophie is good on her walks but Lucy does pull a little bit but probably because she has more energy than Sophie. Lucy also barks and try to run towards other dogs, joggers or bikers. Sometimes Sophie will do the same but I think it’s just because Lucy starts first. Both dogs enjoyed going in the backyard and running around, even in the rain. Never any accidents in the house. When it comes to feeding time, Sophie usually has no problem eating her kibble but Lucy usually needs encouragement and will often leave food in her dish. And surprisingly Sophie never touches Lucy’s bowl and doesn’t bother with the food. It is recommended not to leave your purse or bags with food easily with their reach as they will rummage through them. Also, any easily accessible garbage cans should be put away when you’re out. These girls are really sweet, friendly & funny. It has been great having them around for the weekend.

April 11, 2017 – Sophie & Lucy are sisters.  They are 5 years old and sadly, their owner had to part from them.  They are both spayed and up to date in their vaccination.  They will go to the vet on April 19 for a complete check up and to be microchipped.  We are looking to have them adopted together once they are available for adoption.