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Age: 5
Adoption Fees: $400
Adoption Status:

June 15, 2017 – Dre came in today.  He was found stray and never claimed.  Dre has had a rough life so far.  He had a bad ear infection that was treated with medication and his skin is in rough shape.  Dre is about 5 years old and he is not neutered.  He will be going to the vet next Wednesday for a complete check up and for blood work.  Dre has a very sweet disposition and he just wants to be loved.  Stay tuned for more on Dre as we get to know him.


Age: 10
Adoption Fees: $300
Adoption Status:

June 15, 2017 – Destiny was at the vet today as she has started to turn in circles and kind of lean on his right elbow when she does that.  The vet thinks it might be a pinched nerve or a spinal problem.  We will be starting Destiny on a steroid (Prednisone) and Gabapentin to see if she responds to that.  Despite this, she has a good spirit.  Stay tuned on more details on Destiny’s condition in the coming weeks.

June 13, 2017 –  Destiny is now becoming a snugglebug. She used to always want to be near us but not necessarily on us. Now she wants to be on us. It’s very sweet to see her progress so nicely.  She and the resident pug are more interactive now and steal stuffed pigs from one another. She especially likes playing with toys if humans are playing too. She follows me all over the house as I clean and then finds a bed that is central to where I am at the time just to be near. She does follow us to the door each time we leave but never cries and sometimes sleeps on the mat at the front door.   Destiny’s ears and nose are looking great; we have noticed hair is growing back in her nose crease which is great.  Destiny is going the vet on Thursday and we will schedule her dental procedure and spay surgery.  Destiny is fully house trained. She LOVES her paws rubber boots (that prevents her from rubbing the top of her paws when she walks). Nothing slows her down now and she trots along. She doesn’t mind them going on or off but man does she love how fast she is in them. Destiny absolutely loves going for walks. We continue to carry her up and down stairs for her own safety. She loves her food. We continue to moisten her kibble with water and add the Tri Acta. During the day, Destiny sleeps wherever she pleases which includes couches, floor, dog bed, back of couch like a kitty. At night, she sleeps on a dog bed at the bottom by my feet.  Destiny is more vocal than she used to be and will sometimes bark at other dogs but loves to meet and greet and smell them as they get closer.  Destiny is almost finish her antibiotics. She has started to sing for her food; she makes little cooing sounds when she is waiting for you to mix her food up. We sure do live this gal. She is enjoying the air conditioning these days and a nice cool floor or chair.

June 1, 2017 -Yesterday was the very first day Destiny has shown any interest in any toy. It’s as if she just discovered toys for the first time. Another good sign she is feeling better. It started with a stuffed monkey but it was a stuffed pig that captured her attention for well over an hour. She suckled it and tossed it and wrestled with it. And she was so happy it was so much fun watching her discover this. She is also starting to explore more, ie crawled under our bed to check out what that’s all about. She seemed very pleased with this journey. Destiny is not afraid of anything. Her foster mom vacuumed while she was in a bed on the floor and she did not care. She has met big dogs and little dogs and gets along with them all well. Even poorly behaved dogs. At first Destiny and the resident pug didn’t interact much… But we just think she needed so much rest and recovery time. And needed to feel loved and to trust. Now they are getting more and more interested in each other. Destiny has a boyfriend. A younger man….Buddy the Chihuahua, he’s about 1.5 yr and lives next door and he cries if she’s outside until he can see her. She has only barked if the resident pug has barked and her bark is quite comical. It’s like she’s barking out of solidarity, she thinks she’s quite intimidating. The changes we have noted are all for the better. Destiny seems more restful when she sleeps and naps. She is happier every day and is really starting to grow. She wouldn’t snuggle at all at first. Yesterday, she snuggled with both of us for short periods of time. She will smell our whole face by breathing super close to all of it. Initially, we would have said she would be good as a solo dog. But if the other dog is calm like the resident pug, she would be a great companion too. She loves all people she meets, kids and adults alike. Occasionally she looks like she’s dragging her butt on the floor. But she isn’t trying to scratch her bum. She’s trying to get her legs up to scratch her neck or side be isn’t able to get them to cooperate. If you scratch the area for her, she is forever grateful. People often ask if the resident pug and Destiny are sisters; they are the same height, weight and, both love attention. She also occasionally sticks her lower left tooth out, it’s quite funny.

May 29, 2017 – Destiny was at the vet on Thursday May 25.  She has been put on antibiotics for 3 weeks as she has an urinary tract infection (she had blood in her urine).  Just after a few days of cleaning her fold, her nose has greatly improved.  Destiny is getting along well with the resident pug.  Her ears are a work in progress.  She came to us with such a bad ear infection, the vet think that she might be partially deaf due to ear infections that were never treated.  Stay tuned for more on Destiny and come and meet her this Saturday from 10AM to 3PM, June 3 at Pet Valu – 603 Bank Street (at Strathcona Avenue) in the Glebe.

May 23, 2017 – Meet Destiny – A beautiful, old girl who was found stray and never claimed. The vet said  she is about 10 years old. Destiny’s oral health is not great and her teeth are in desperate need of care. Destiny is going to the vet this Saturday for a full check up where we will also schedule dental procedure and say surgery. Destiny has a kind nature and is very friendly. We are looking forward to getting her healthy and finding her a forever home. Stay tuned for more updates on Destiny.